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Introducing the new CargoCap - The Bulk Bag Lid!

The CargoCap is a new patent pending solution for securing bulk bags and palletised loads, offering a more efficient and safer alternative to traditional nets and sheets.

Key Features:
Load Containment: Ensures contents of a bulk bag are securely contained, preventing any spillage in the event of an accident.
Easy Deployment: Simply place the lid over a tonne bag and strap it down, taking hardly anymore time than using a strap by itself, while far more secure.
Innovative Design: The incorporated banana-shaped ProWide Plus edge protectors distribute strap tension evenly across the lid, with strap guides to keep straps centrally located.
Versatile: Suitable for palletised load applications, can can also be used to quickly restrain loose items on the trailer bed. Can also be used as a false headboard for spring lashing.
Durable: Made from extremely tough yet flexible plastic for longevity.
Fully Reusable: Cost effective alternative to bulk bag covers.

1. Bulk Bags: Cover and contain bulk bags while securing to prevent spillage. 2. Pallets: Provide enhanced stability and protection for all types of palletised load. 3. Loose Item Storage: Quickly organise and secure loose items on a trailer bed. 4. False Headboard: Use as a vertical support for spring lashing
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