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Posted 21.03.2018

What’s the blue label all about?

You may have noticed the blue label sewn into each part of Cargo Stop’s Ratchet Straps? These labels must be present for the strap to conform with the UK and European standard. Ratchet Straps do not comply with EN12195-2:2001 without a visible intact data label securely sewn to all detachable sections. This secures all the critical identification in case of a

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Posted 21.03.2018

Carrying out a load risk assessment

It is vital for businesses to do all they can to ensure employees are safe in their workplaces.

As with all areas of the health and safety law the employer has a duty to carry out risk assessments of employees. In order to protect the company and the health and safety of employees it is a legal duty of vehicle operating businesses to carry out

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Posted 21.03.2018

Taking care of ratchet straps

Ratchet straps are one of the best ways to secure loads during transport. They’re relatively easy to use and care for, and as ratchet strap experts, at CargoStop we know how to best take are of your ratchet straps properly to extend their life for as long as possible.

Our strong, yet lightweight, polyester straps are ideal for a

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Twenty-two percent tariffs for ‘no-deal’ imported HGVs will cripple UK hauliers, says RHA

The Road Haulage Association is astounded at Government’s latest plans to slap an additional 22 percent tariff on the cost importing a ne ...more

Birmingham Clean Air Zone should set Nationwide example

Birmingham City Council has listened to the needs of the logistics sector and developed a Clean Air Zone plan which will improve air qualit ...more

Ryder puts the first Econic tractor into service with Reynolds

Ryder has supplied the first Mercedes-Benz Econic tractor unit to go into service in the UK – with leading fresh produce supplier Reynolds ...more

Kenyon Haulage links up with Fortec in key strategic move

Kenyon Haulage has joined the Fortec Distribution Network to offer customers an enhanced level of service – whatever their size.   T ...more

Fuel saving potential secures Stralis XP order from Rogers Transport

Rogers Transport has taken delivery of its first Stralis XP tractor unit – IVECO’s range-topping diesel model packed with intelligent f ...more

Eco-friendly cleaning specialists ‘People Against Dirty’ say Bibby Distribution acts as a ‘backbone for growth’

The parent company of popular eco-brands method® and Ecover® credits Bibby Distribution’s provision of cost-effective logistics for hel ...more

Container specialist Cardiff Container Link expands fleet with Asset Alliance Group

A combination of competitive pricing, fast delivery times and outstanding service has seen Asset Alliance Group win a new supply contract w ...more

CPC holder’s attitude towards role proves costly

Deputy Traffic Commissioner says TM needs time away to recognise failings. Having the right knowledge is a key part of being a competent t ...more

A Volvo FH-500 6X2 lite tractor unit rewrites the books at Driffield-based, Robert Croft Ltd.

East Yorkshire bulk grain transporters, Robert Croft Ltd, are rewriting their payload and fuel economy books with a recently-delivered Volv ...more

Freight forwarders remain ahead of the curve despite ongoing Brexit uncertainty

Whilst the UK government keeps working, pushing and grinding on to try again to make the case for its Brexit compromise, and MPs carry on h ...more


The ProHeavy Plus Edge Protector is the ultimate paper reel protection to be used in conjunction with the ProPole System. #LoadProtection


The ProSqueegee is dual action with a microfibre pad on one arm and soft rubber 250mm squeegee blade on the other.… https://t.co/yPtqoF6Vh2


Give us a call! You can call the office anytime from 6:30am - 4:30pm and one of the team will be very willing to as… https://t.co/enXOYandIY


The ProScraper 45 has all the features of the standard ProScraper plus a head angle fixed at exactly 45° so that it… https://t.co/QjgKTQ5Fai


Pre slung loads can now be disconnected from a crane hook after loading a truck with 'Boots on the Ground!' Contact… https://t.co/5xjP5k296G

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