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About Cargo Stop

Customer Service Excellence

At CargoStop, customer service and satisfaction are areas where we strive to exceed client expectations. Our job is to understand and evaluate a particular customer problem and ensure that we offer the very best advice to provide a solution for your needs. We take our commitments to our customers very seriously and as such, we are always happy to visit them on site to understand a particular problem better.

CargoStop’s growth over the years has been the result of earning customer loyalty, which we highly value. The company is pleased to count amongst its customers some of the largest national and international freight hauliers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We have built these relationships through a collaborative approach to driving innovation and creating value beyond cost. We aim to deliver great service for our clients including being responsive at all times. We know many of our customers by name and develop strong, personal working relationships with them. Honesty is one of our core company values and so we are always upfront about our costs, honoring our set pricing agreements and never concealing additional costs. Our focus is consistently based around the best possible service we can provide to each of our clients and we are delighted that customer service excellence is one of the attributes that CargoStop is best known for.

Next Day Delivery

Over 90% of the products in our 160 page product brochure are in stock for same day dispatch. We are always happy to discuss individual delivery requirements to ensure that we get products to you, on time and where you need them.

In-House R&D Department

We are a solutions provider. Our continual innovation is born out of our passion for our industry and a commitment to make our customers’ lives easier. Led by our Technical Director, Oliver Barber, with 40 years experience in cargo control, we have the expertise to offer the best advice.

Our R&D department develops products and solutions that provide optimal levels of safety for our customers. Prototypes are designed and manufactured on a regular basis as a result of working closely with our customers, understanding a problem and finding a solution that no-one else has identified.

In 2005 the government brought out a change in legislation. The aim was to prevent accidents, and to keep ‘Boots on the Ground’ wherever possible. Needless to say the Transport Industry was heavily affected by this as climbing on the back of a truck constituted ‘working at height’. This led to CargoStop’s first, and to date, most successful innovation, the ProPole. This telescopic pole, with dozens of different heads, was designed for many different height related tasks around the truck. Operations such as moving straps, placing edge protectors and cleaning high level video cameras can all now be done faster than ever, while standing safely on the ground.

A commitment to excellence is at the core of our R&D activities, and we actively cooperate our development with clients in partnership. When a customer asks us to solve a problem for them, the first place we’ll start is considering ideas, either adapting an existing product or starting with something new. Once we have designed a product that we think will answer the brief, we’ll develop a prototype. All of our prototypes are tested in the UK. They undergo extensive qualification testing on critical components and quality control. This ensures that our products will perform as promised from day one.

CargoStop makes considerable financial investment in developing solutions for problems on behalf of its customers. We are continually growing and bringing new products and concepts to the market - often introducing products that one customer has found useful to enable others in the same trade to benefit from our invention. As a result, over 200 products we offer are based on our very own designs.

Bespoke Product Development

The products we develop are born out of solving problems for our customers. There are times when an ‘off the shelf’ item simply will not safely secure the specialist items you are transporting. We listen to our customer’s needs and again, with cost effective safety as our benchmark, we set out to design a simple concept that works.

Take the development of the CargoKite as an example. The CargoKite was a bespoke product that we developed originally for a customer who produces roof panel sheets for buildings. The panels, made of sheets of metal, plastic and foam, regularly became dented on transition. It was a case of solving the problem of holding them tight, without damaging them. The CargoKite was developed specifically for delicate loads that require a wide area of tension. It is one of the only successful methods of spreading the load for composite cladding or roof sheets, pallets of glass or bottles, waste cardboard or sacks containing loose material.

Our Innovations are largely focused on an ever expanding product range to answer problems that no-one else has considered. CargoStop is continually growing and bringing new products and concepts to the market – often introducing products that one customer has found useful to enable others in the same trade to benefit from our expertise. We are confident that you will find an answer with us to any load securing challenge you may have. We are passionate about our field of industry and are always prepared to spend time on a project. Often visiting sites across Ireland and Europe looking at ways of meeting a customer's particular needs.

Top Quality Products

CargoStop takes pride in the quality of its products. We are pleased to offer products into all industry sectors, such as: transport and infrastructure, agriculture, building and construction, to name but a few. All of our products are manufactured to a very high standard designed for safety and durability. Where legislation dictates that products should be made to a specific standard we ensure that our products actually exceed the requirements. With a top down approach to quality management, the CargoStop team is dedicated to total quality control. Regular audits backed by continuous product testing ensure consistent quality assurance standards are maintained.

Take for example the humble ratchet strap. We set out to make sure that ours are better than anyone else's and have created a product that outperforms other straps in their class. Features such as the double sprocket, which spreads pressure and extends the life of the product and our tear out resistant data labels, mean we can categorically guarantee greater longevity than competitive products.

Cargo Stop’s focus on quality extends to all our activities throughout the product lifetime. Our customers’ experiences are fed back into our organisation, which supports the continuous improvement of all that we do.

£15,000,000 Insurance Protection

We are confident that our products will deliver. We demonstrate our confidence by putting our name on our products so that if there ever was a problem, our products become part of the evidence and our liability is clear. We take our responsibility head on and have more than adequate insurance to protect ourselves, giving our customers total peace of mind.