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  1. CargoStop Drivers Packs Help Drivers Stay Covid-Secure in Truck and Yard

    As the UK’s leading provider of load restraints, ratchet straps and other innovations for road transportation; helping keep commercial vehicle drivers safe is one of our top priorities.

    In response to the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, we have put together unique Drivers Packs, filled with essentials to help truck drivers protect themselves and those they interact with.

    As we all know, COVID-19 is an airborne disease, so it’s important to maintain social distancing, capture our breath and avoid spreading the virus on surfaces. This presents several challenges unique to truck, van, lorry and other commercial vehicle drivers.

    That is where our pick and mix CargoStop Drivers Packs come in.

    What is in our Drivers Packs?

    The simple answer is ‘it is up to you!’

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  2. ProPole: Securing Ratchet Straps with Both Boots Safely on the Ground

    As the UK’s leading provider of ratchet straps, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of solution-focused innovation. By continually researching and developing cost-effective and efficient technologies for securing loads, we not only save hauliers time and money but prioritise their drivers’ safety.

    In 2005, the Health and Safety Executive introduced new Work at Height Regulations, designed to prevent injuries and deaths caused by falls from height. Whilst creating safer working practices is obviously a good thing, it presented particular challenges for the road freight transportation industry.

    The legislation requires that drivers keep both feet on ground as much as possible. This can be an issue when loading and securing lorry loads.

    Necessity breeds innovation. With this legislation in mind, we began our research and development to create the pioneering Pro

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  3. Keeping ratchet straps in tip-top condition

    Ratchet straps, also known as lashing straps and tie-downs, are one of the most popular methods for securing cargo in transport. Constructed from an industrial-strength polyester mesh, they are an important component in material handling.

    As with all industrial equipment, proper care must be taken to ensure that ratchet straps are well prepared for safe and effective use. Any kind of damage to a strap can affect its working load limit and breaking strength, putting both equipment and individuals at risk.

    CargoStop’s ratchet straps are chosen by some of the biggest names in the UK transport industry, due to our reputation for safety and quality, built up over 40 years.

    We have now become the industry’s trusted advisor on the safe use of this vital piece of equipment. So, we thought we’d bring you our top tips for maintenance and storage to extend the life of your

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  4. Taking the risk out of load risk assessment

    Health and safety is high on the agenda of every business and managers are expected to do everything in their power to keep their employees safe in the workplace.

    As a leading provider for load restraint equipment, we thought we’d take a look at the duty of care employers in the transport industry have, to carry out load risk assessments.

    Why is a load risk assessment necessary?

    The management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires every business to identify any hazards or risk to the health and safety of their employees, whilst at work.

    Consequently, vehicle operators need to carry out a thorough assessment of the dangers faced by employees who load vehicles on their behalf. Any potential risk of injury needs to be identified and eliminated to ensure the welfare of the employee whilst they go about their daily work.

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  5. The Secrets of the Blue Label

    Ratchet straps are some of the most widely used products in the world for securing cargo and restraining loads. We’ve spent many years listening to our customers and developed what we believe are the best on the market.

    Regardless of manufacturer, every ratchet strap has a blue label sewn into the strap. Here at CargoStop we also include a second copy under the stitched webbing for added safety value. But, why are the blue labels required and what is the purpose of the information they display?

    What is the blue label?

    The blue label is all about making transport as safe as possible. It has to be stitched-in to the webbing of each ratchet strap to comply with UK and European standards relating to the packaging of goods for transport by road.

    Under European legislation (EN 12195-2:2001), a visible intact data label must be securely a

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