Keen to Comply with New DVSA Load Securing Legislation? CargoStop Can Help

Do you need to understand and comply with the new Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency legislation on securing loads?

Here at CargoStop, we are committed to increasing safety standards for operators and drivers. As the leading provider for load restraint equipment, we’ve explored the new legislation enforced by the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and are here to help you.

Inadequately secured loads are an ongoing cause of serious road accidents in the UK. One of the greatest risks comes from high loads.

Last year, new legislation from the DVSA came into effect to combat these risks. The new clause highlights the dangers of poorly secured lorry loads and enforces the DVSA’s updated rules surrounding the use of tarpaulin or netting for added security.

If you or your drivers are hauling loose or unstable materials in bulk, it must now be suitably covered by a tarpaulin sheet or similar load securing device.

How does the DVSA assess load securing?

Roadside checks are used to ensure you and your drivers are as safe as possible. Traditionally, roadside stops are carried out at common stopping places and busy times to ensure DVSA safety regulations are being complied with.

During one of these checks DVSA officers will assess how your loads are secured and can issue a fixed penalty notice if found to be unsatisfactory.

DVSA officers will check your load and ask the following questions.

• Is there anything loose that might fall off?

• Can your load slide or topple forwards, backwards or sideways?

• Is your load securing equipment in good condition?

• Does the load present an immediate likelihood of causing danger or injury due to its securing or stability?

What is the solution to the DVSA legislation?

According to the new DVSA legislation; tarpaulins, netting or sheeting should be used on tippers, bulk containers and skips to stop loose items from falling. They must be strong, robust and well secured.

If you’re uncertain how you or your drivers can comply, here at CargoStop we can help with a number of securing solutions.


The CargoStop CargoNet is an excellent solution when it comes to securing your lorry load.

Designed to secure bulk bags safely onto the vehicle bed, the large net ensures that bags and their contents remain safe and secure.

Our CargoNets have a 50mm webbing strap built in, with ratchets that connect to securing points on your truck. A further ratchet tightens a perimeter strap around the load making it completely secure. Each CargoNet has a load capacity of 2.5 tonnes, which is enough capacity for two one tonne bags – plus other small items placed in the top of the bags.


CargoStop's bespoke tarpaulins are not only used for weather protection, but as a flexible, functional and safe way to secure lightweight loose loads.

CargoStop tarpaulins are made to withstand the rigours of the transport world. They are water resistant, cold resistant to -20 degrees Celsius and UV protected.

Using a tarpaulin to secure your loose items is an easy way to get the job done safely

Pallet Covers

These durable fitted covers can protect palletised goods and are suitable for both Euro and standard pallets of various heights.

Filament Nets

Our Filament Nets - or container cover nets - are made from high strength polyester filament and come with a standard 60mm square mesh. This extremely strong netting is designed to prevent loose material from flying off when goods are in transit.

Our nets can be supplied with elasticated shock cords or border rope to safely secure the net on to the load.

Filament Nets allow ultimate flexibility and can adapt to the shape of different loads, as well as compensate for changes in volume.

Keep Safe with CargoStop

Here at CargoStop, our CargoNets, Tarpaulins Pallet Covers and Filament Nets have all been made to withstand harsh weather and are specially designed for road transport.

With our impressive range of load restraint equipment, you can ensure you and your drivers are always safe on the road and comply with the latest DVSA regulations.

If you’d like more information on our nets and tarpaulins, or how you and your drivers can comply with new government legislation, contact our team on 01206 224444 or email [email protected].