ProPole: Keeping You Safe This Winter

To top off a very uncertain year in the UK, 2021 is now predicted to be the coldest and snowiest winter for more than a decade.

It’s now more important than ever to keep your load secure and to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the harsh winter weather. Thankfully you can be one step ahead of the weather this new year with our state-of-the-art ProPole system.

What is The ProPole?

The innovative ProPole system was developed to help prevent injuries and make life easier, while securing loads in the road freight transportation industry. The ProPole system makes loading effortless, helping you and your team complete hundreds of height related tasks faster than ever.

This unique solution is comprised of a telescopic pole with 30 interchangeable heads that can be attached for completing various tasks at height on commercial vehicles. The tough telescopic glass fibre handle of the ProPole features durable rubber pads for increased grip and is available in two lengths capable of reaching up to 12 feet fully extended.

The ProSno

First to combat the snow and sleet is the ProSno. The ProSno is a heavy-duty shovel attachment which is ideal for clearing freshly fallen snow. It is important in the transport yard to clear snow before it is compacted into potentially dangerous ice by heavy commercial vehicles driving over it.

The ProPole’s unique ‘Posilock’ ™ technology makes sure this attachment is always secure and maintains its 90-degree angle during use.

The ProFrosty

There is no better way to combat harsh icy weather than with the ProFrosty. This tough ice scraper is made with aluminium armoured protection for heavy commercial applications.

The ProFrosty makes scraping ice and snow at height an easy feat. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all with this handy and sturdy ProPole attachment.

The ProWash

British weather is a lot more than just ice and snow, we’re also famed for wet days and muddy terrain. If you find your vehicle is constantly accruing dirt and grime over winter, the ProWash is your ideal ProPole attachment.

The ProWash is the ultimate washing brush. It’s ultra tough with specially angled super soft bristles for constant contact. There is also no sharp edges so you won’t be damaging any paintwork while you wash away muddy build up.

What Makes the ProPole Unique?

The ProPole uses a tough nylon thread quick-release system which incorporates unique ‘Posilock’ ™ technology. Once a ProPole attachment is in position an internal spigot locks into place, securing the piece and maintaining a 90-degree angle while you get to work. Furthermore, there is an unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all ProPole products when used correctly.

With the weather forecast looking grim, you may be wondering if there are any specific ProPole attachments than can help combat harsh conditions. There are!

This winter there are several convenient and unique ProPole attachments that will help keep your vehicle working hard whatever the weather.

Safety First

We’re focused on increasing safety at every step along the way. That’s why this interchangeable system has been specifically designed to create a safer working environment, ensuring your boots stay firmly on the ground during any cleaning or high -level process.

Be One Step Ahead

With the UK’s winter shaping up to be one of the coldest in more than a decade it’s the ideal time to get prepared. Harsh weather can wreak havoc on your freight transport and vehicles, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to get ready.

Our ProPole and its winter attachments have been made to withstand harsh weather and are specially made for the road transport world including timber, steel, construction materials and both tension curtains and box trailers.

The ProPole and its three winter attachments will have you covered for any eventual snow or winter weather. Don’t get stuck on the road this winter without reinforcements. Choose ProPole.

If you’re interested in our ProPole and its winter attachments contact our team on 01206 224444 or email [email protected]