CargoStop Ratchet Straps: Securing Your Load to the Highest Safety Standards

As the leading provider for load restraint equipment, we take pride in making sure our ratchet straps help you and your drivers stay safe.

Our ratchet straps are specially engineered to withstand the rigours of the transport world, as well as being easy and safe to use for the everyday driver. Please click here to view the range and purchase.

Safety First

We’re focused on increasing safety at every step along the way. In 2005, the Health and Safety Executive introduced new Work at Height Regulations. With this in mind we created our pioneering ProPole system! With the ProPole you can use our Ratchet Straps while simultaneously keeping both boots firmly on the ground.

You may be wondering if there are any tips to ensure your freight transport is safely secured. There are! Here are a few how-to’s of the trade, as well as unique features of CargoStop Ratchet Straps to give you confidence along the way.


We’ve made using our CargoStop ratchets as simple as possible for our drivers no matter how high or large a load. If you’re looking for an easy how-to guide look no further.

1) Placing your ratchet strap

Throw or “bowl” the ratchet strap over the top of your cargo. If your load is especially high we’ve made the process even easier with our ProPole. The ProPole helps you reach the top of the load safely and propels the ratchet strap over whilst preventing any injuries.

2) Feeding it through

Feed one end of the strap into the ratchet housing’s lower slot and pull the strap through the mandrel until it’s taut. Make sure where you have fed through the strap is level with the top of the ratchet to maintain optimum strength.

3) Tightening your ratchet strap

Firstly, check to make sure the strap is flat and securely placed around the cargo so it doesn’t shift during transport. Once it’s properly in place you can move the ratchet lever up and down in a pumping motion until it reaches the right tension. The ratchet will turn the spool, which pulls the strap tightly easily securing your load and spreading the tension.

4) Store your excess strap

Once you have locked the ratchet in its closed position, you can roll up the rest of the strap and either tuck it into your cargo or pin it behind the already tightened strap. While in transit be sure to stop and check the straps periodically to make sure your cargo has not shifted.

5) How to release your tightened ratchet strap

Once you have arrived at your destination you can easily release the strap by simply pulling and holding the release tab on the top of the ratchet and open until both sides are in line. Pull the strap from the side that isn’t fixed down in order to release your load.

Here at CargoStop, we guarantee that every single heavy-duty ratchet strap and tie down ratchet strap are of the highest quality, giving you the confidence you need to secure your load safely on the road. If you’re curious as to why our Ratchet Straps are consistently safer, here are a few promises from us to you.

What Makes CargoStop Ratchet Straps Consistently Safer?

1) Each ratchet is fitted with double sprockets

These double sprockets are perfect for longevity and smooth action while the strengthening lozenges on either side make the ratchet secure. As a lorry driver you can have peace of mind knowing that your lorry loads are held in place with the strength of our double sprockets.

2) The textured PVC label resists tear out

The ratchet strap’s textured PVC label resists tear out so drivers can easily access the strap’s information and code. This recognisable blue label is made of heavy-duty embossed vinyl to increase the label’s longevity.

3) Rubber grip handle on every ratchet

We’ve added a unique rubber grip handle to every ratchet strap for added comfort and easy use. Our goal is to make using our ratchet straps as simple and straightforward as possible.

4) All our ratchet straps can be traced back to CargoStop

Under European Legislation (EN 12195-2:2001) a visible and intact label must be securely attached to all ratcheting straps. Our ratchets, as well as our claw hooks, are fully stamped and traceable back to CargoStop thanks to our blue label’s batch number. This code is used to trace products back to the exact batch the strap was produced in.

Stay Safe with CargoStop

Here at CargoStop our ratchet straps have been made to withstand harsh weather and are specially made for the transport world including timber cargo, steel haulage and both tension curtains and box trailers.

You can keep your boots safely on the ground while using our impressive range of cargo straps specifically designed to make your road freight transportation as easy as possible.

At CargoStop we have a huge range of ratchet straps, each specifically engineered to accommodate your lorry loads. Customise your ratchet strap by choosing its length, strength in tonnes, usage type and the industry you’ll be using it in.

If you’d like more information on our ratchet straps or the ProPole, watch our video HERE or contact our team on 01206 224444 or [email protected].