CargoStop Drivers Packs Help Drivers Stay Covid-Secure in Truck and Yard

As the UK’s leading provider of load restraints, ratchet straps and other innovations for road transportation; helping keep commercial vehicle drivers safe is one of our top priorities.

In response to the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, we have put together unique Drivers Packs, filled with essentials to help truck drivers protect themselves and those they interact with.

As we all know, COVID-19 is an airborne disease, so it’s important to maintain social distancing, capture our breath and avoid spreading the virus on surfaces. This presents several challenges unique to truck, van, lorry and other commercial vehicle drivers.

That is where our pick and mix CargoStop Drivers Packs come in.

What is in our Drivers Packs?

The simple answer is ‘it is up to you!’

There are many items you might expect to see in 2020, including face masks, gloves and sanitiser - and a few more which are just as key to the safety of road transport drivers and operators.

Our Drivers Packs can include between 5 and 10 different products in any quantities needed. Supplied in a box, they are ideal for keeping within the cab of any truck, van or lorry to ensure your drivers keep safe.

Let’s take a look inside:

Face Masks

Face masks have become part of the international response to coronavirus. They are now legally required in many environments and highly recommended in others. Many of the destinations your truck drivers may visit will likely insist on them.

Our Drivers Packs can contain either - or both - of the major types of face mask suitable for van, truck and lorry drivers.

The first type is disposable face masks. Often seen being used by health professionals, they provide a physical barrier which helps stop the wearer both breathing out and breathing in particles which might contain the virus. Although they are disposable, they can be worn a number of times and are easy for truck drivers to put on, take off and place in their pocket as needed.

The second type is a N95 face masks (or respirator) which conform to a higher international standard of protection. Although they are not legally required in many environments, they can give lorry drivers and the people they interact with greater peace of mind as they provide a tighter seal around the face and include a filter.

Full-Face Visors and Safety Glasses

Clear full-face visors are ideal for truck drivers looking to cover their face but maintain vision, particularly if they wear glasses which are prone to steaming up when wearing a face mask.

Face visors can also be used with a face mask or other covering. In addition to stopping the virus being exhaled or inhaled, they can protect the eyes from airborne particles too.

For our Drivers Packs, we offer two different designs, including the ability to add the wearer’s name to the forehead band for clear identification.

Safety Glasses are already a requisite in many environments commercial vehicle drivers and loaders may find themselves. We all know how vulnerable eyes can be in hardworking warehouses, loading bays or transport depots. As well as protecting delicate eyes from foreign objects, safety glasses can again avoid airborne viruses and always be at hand in the CargoStop Drivers Pack.

Hand Sanitiser Gels, Sprays and Disposable Gloves

As we all now know, the coronavirus can be passed from our mouth or nose to our hands and then onto surfaces such as door handles, desks, steering wheels or pens. However, alcohol and other disinfectants can kill the virus in an instant, rendering it harmless to others.

Within our Drivers Packs we can include a selection of different hand sanitisers which quickly kill viruses and other bacteria. Typically containing a high 75% alcohol content, they quickly evaporate to leave drivers hands dry and sanitised.

Depending on preference, our gel sanitisers can be squeezed out as needed or spray sanitiser can be applied all over the hands (and other surfaces) for easy coverage.

Both gel and spray sanitiser are available within our Drivers Packs in large, medium and pocket sizes to be kept on the cab or on the truck driver’s person.

Sprays, Wipes, Cloths and Bin Bags

As preventing the spread of coronavirus is so dependent on increased hygiene, our Drivers Packs can also include cleaning materials for use whenever truck drivers need them.

A range of antiviral sprays and disposable wipes can be included for cleaning of surfaces such as door handles, ratchet straps, steering wheels and clip boards. Disposable paper wipes can be included too for use with sprays.

And, as any hardworking lorry driver knows, no truck’s cab is complete without refuse bags for safely bundling up waste and disposing of it responsibly.

We’ve even innovated our innovative ProPole

In addition to our customisable Drivers Packs, we’ve also adapted our highly innovative ProPole system to help lorry drivers stay safe during the covid pandemic.

The extendable ProPole system is designed to help drivers perform many tasks at height whilst stood safely on the ground. We have now included two attachments which help drivers use the ProPole pole to pass documents and similar items to others, whilst maintaining social distance.

The first is a clip board attachment for holding documents; allowing van, truck and lorry drivers to get paperwork signed by others whilst maintaining at least 2 metres distance. The second attachment is a container for passing other items, including loose paperwork and keys, without the need to get close to others.

Both are available to fit any of our extendable 2m or 3m ProPole systems.

What else?

Within our extensive range of sanitisation and janitorial supplies, we also have many other products perfect for helping road transport drivers and operators to protect themselves and others during the pandemic.

We have a wide range of social distancing stickers which can be used on doors, floors, walls and vehicles - as well as free-standing signs - all to guide and remind staff and visitors to comply with regulations.

Transparent counter barriers are available for use on service counters, desk and hatches for shielding both parties. They are free standing and can be easily wiped clean with antiviral products.

Keep your drivers and staff safe

As we experience a second peak of infections during the colder months, our bespoke Drivers Packs can contain everything you need to protect your road transport team and those they come into contact with.

CargoStop Drivers Packs can include the products you need and be supplied in almost any quantity for equal protection of all the drivers and other workers within your fleet.

Contact our team on 01206 224444 or [email protected] to discuss and order yours now.