ProPole: Securing Ratchet Straps with Both Boots Safely on the Ground

As the UK’s leading provider of ratchet straps, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of solution-focused innovation. By continually researching and developing cost-effective and efficient technologies for securing loads, we not only save hauliers time and money but prioritise their drivers’ safety.

In 2005, the Health and Safety Executive introduced new Work at Height Regulations, designed to prevent injuries and deaths caused by falls from height. Whilst creating safer working practices is obviously a good thing, it presented particular challenges for the road freight transportation industry.

The legislation requires that drivers keep both feet on ground as much as possible. This can be an issue when loading and securing lorry loads.

Necessity breeds innovation. With this legislation in mind, we began our research and development to create the pioneering ProPole system!

One telescopic pole – 30 interchangeable heads

Our innovative ProPole system makes loading effortless, helping your team complete hundreds of height related tasks faster than ever - all whilst keeping truckers boots safely on the ground.

It features a long telescopic handle onto which a range of heads can be attached for completing various tasks at height on commercial vehicles. The fully adjustable multi-application tool makes securing loads and many other actions both effortless and safe.

The tough telescopic glass fibre handle features durable rubber pads for increased grip and is available in two lengths; capable of reaching up to 12 feet fully extended.

One of the leading innovations with ProPole is the system for connecting each of the 30 interchangeable heads to the handle.

ProPole uses a tough nylon thread quick-release system which incorporates unique ‘Posilock’ TM technology. Once in position, an internal spigot locks into place, securing the head and maintaining a 90-degree angle.

The interchangeable system is designed to create a safer working environment and ensures your haulage business remains fully compliant with the 2005 legislation. Not only will this help retain a strong health and safety record but it will also prevent loss of revenue through injury or driver absence.

Focused on increasing safety and productivity in transportation, we have developed 30 heads for the ProPole, each solving a particular issue experienced by our freight transport customers.

Here are just a few:

Goodbye arm-wrenching loading - Hello ProLauncher

With the ProLauncher, launching a ratchet strap over a high load has never been easier.

Throwing or ‘bowling’ ratchet straps over a load is strenuous and potentially dangerous. Instead, the ProLauncher reaches the top of the load and safely propels the ratchet strap over; helping prevent injuries and lost productivity.

Simply load a rolled-up strap into the launcher casing and raise the ProPole to the top of the load to be secured. With a flick of the wrist, the strap wheel is launched over the load, retaining the hook end. It is now ready to be secured and ratcheted up.

The handy ProHook

The ProHook is designed to help grab and position ratchet straps and other straps.

Its open-ended structure effortlessly hooks heavy-duty ratchet straps, helping drivers safely retrieve or adjust load restraints.

When connecting bulk bag handles, it makes for quick and easy access with forklifts or hi-abs. The ProHook is also ideal for fast retrieval of any items or debris that are otherwise too hard to reach.

Effortless placement with ProPlacer

The ProPlacer avoids clambering up lorry loads to position straps and protection.

Ideal for cargo straps, lifting slings and edge protectors, the unique central cut-out holds the strap whilst you remain firmly on the ground. It includes a clever cut-out on the rear face for engaging and retrieving hooked straps. Its wedge-shaped profile easily slips over protectors that are already in place.

ProMirror: inspections made clear

Developed in response to a number of customer requests, the handy ProMirror helps thorough inspection of vehicles and loads.

The tough 180mm diameter inspection mirror is perfect for all types of checks - under, around and above a vehicle or load - without needing to climb onto the truck bed.

The optional torch allows easy inspections in low light or even complete darkness.

ProPole shadow boards

Look after your tools and they will look after you!

To help keep the ProPole system safe and handy, we created an easy access docking station. Not only does it keep your ProPole and attachments neat and tidy, but it ensures that the equipment remains in tip-top condition.

The robust boards are made from a sturdy composite aluminium faced panel.

Our shadow boards can be personalised too. Just tell us what attachments you would like to store and we will add your corporate branding - at no extra cost.

Posilock TM

One of the leading innovations incorporated in the ProPole system is the ingenious Posilock TM.

Created by our Research and Development department, this design is unique to CargoStop. The team set out to design a quick, simple and tough connection method with the ability to be deftly operated - even with gloved hands.

The Posilock TM uses a simple, yet positive, bayonet-type fixing – the fixed position is held firmly by screwing up a captive ring.

This means it is virtually impossible to disconnect the heads by accident; keeping both driver and your cargo safe.

Fabricated for maximum durability, the 100% industrial nylon construction will stand up to the toughest treatment and the worst of the Great British weather.

Enhancing the ProPole with Travis Perkins.

Throughout our 40 years in cargo control and restraint, we have delivered many custom developments to solve specific clients’ challenges. We’ve then made many available across the transport industry, helping other businesses too.

With a national network of over 650 branches, Travis Perkins is one of the largest suppliers to the UK’s construction industry and big fans of the CargoStop ProPole system.

Led by our Technical Director, Oliver Barber, our in-house Research and Development team set about enhancing the ProPole concept to solve a number of tasks identified by Travis Perkins.

As a direct result of our partnership, which has now spanned over 5 years, we developed our specialist ProPole heads for moving straps and placing edge protectors on high loads.

Travis Perkins said:

“The ProPole was such a unique and innovative solution, something we’d not seen anywhere before.

We are delighted to have been part of the development process of CargoStop’s high quality equipment. We have the confidence that the kit we buy from CargoStop, not only keeps our staff safe, but that it has been developed with our needs in mind.”

ProPole has the solution

The ProPole system lets all vehicle owners and operators safely secure loads and maintain vehicles, whilst keeping both boots firmly on the ground.

Our range includes over 30 attachments for almost every conceivable challenge. However, at CargoStop, we understand that every business is different.

If you’re struggling to see a solution to a particular load restraint challenge and would like to discuss a solution with our R & D team, we’d also be happy to help.

If you have any questions regarding the ProPole System don't hesitate to contact our team on 01206 224444 or [email protected]