CargoStop Load Chokers: Leading the Way in Safety

Securing your load to the highest safety standard is always our main priority at CargoStop. That’s why we take pride in being the exclusive retailer of Load Chokers in the UK.

Load Chokers make sure you and your drivers stay safe on the road with our unique and rigorously tested load securing device.

As the leading provider for load restraint equipment, our Load Chokers offer you a safer method for restraining belly wrapped loads and are engineered for both chain and strap usage. We’re proud to be the only retailer in the UK to stock this unique load restraint device.

What is the Cargo Load Choker?

The Cargo Load Choker offers an exciting, new and safer method for restraining loose loads such as steel, timber, pipes and heavy machinery on your vehicle.

The chokers apply downward pressure - and an even tension - around your lorry load, which in turn restricts its movements in all directions.

The Load Choker comes in two versatile variants, one to use with a webbing strap tie down system and one to use with grade 80 chain.

The Chain Choker

The Chain Choker was specifically developed for the use with 8mm and 10mm securing chains. Made out of alloy steel, like its strap counterpart, it was built for strength and durability. The Chain Choker has a load capacity of 4000kg.

The Strap Choker

The Strap Choker was specifically engineered and designed for use with 50mm and 100mm webbing straps. It has a zinc passivated finish like its chain counterpart, for long service life. It’s rolled edges maximise the service life of driver’s straps. The Strap Choker has a load capacity of 2500kg.

What Makes the Load Choker Safer?

Our load choking method offers a significant improvement over the traditional top tightening belly wrap method. It creates tension around the entire load which maintains pressure and “chokes” the load to restrict movement in every direction.

The Load Choker also allows for multiple items or loads to be belly wrapped together all at once, so you can reach your destination safely and with less trips.

Your drivers can have complete faith in both strap and chain chokers knowing that they’ve passed the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for independent international manufacturing standards.

More Benefits

Both Load Chokers restrain loads that are near impossible to otherwise secure safely. Products of different shapes and sizes, like wood and pipes, can be quickly and effectively restrained with fewer straps or chains.

Load Chokers also get rid of the need for pyramid stacking your load. For larger loads, once your top layer is securely belly wrapped, the centre section will remain in place and won’t shift under your vehicle breaking. This means you can transport more at one time as you don’t need to rely on the size limited pyramid.

Stay Safe with CargoStop

Load Chokers were developed specifically to meet a need in the transport world for safer haulage. They were designed by drivers for drivers.

If you’re looking for a load restraint device, nothing compares to the level of security offered by these unique chain and strap chokers.

Load Choker systems are an integral part of many freight transport operators’ daily load restraint tools. Let CargoStop’s Load Chokers help you reach your destination safely.

At CargoStop, we design, supply and produce innovative products that help make the transport industry safer and keep driver’s and operator’s boots firmly on the ground.

If you’d like more information on our Cargo Load Choker contact our team on 01206 224444 or email [email protected].