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The ProSpacer is a unique and innovative expanding unit to fill in the void between pallets of bricks or blocks when loaded with a truck mounted crane grab.

It holds the pallets apart when under tension from ratchet straps used to secure the load. This prevents the straps becoming loose in transit and ensures when the load gets to the destination there is space for the grab crane to manoeuvre between the stacks.

The ProSpacer can be placed and retrieved using the ProPole from a gantry or from the ground. It is made up of 3 detachable parts so if a part is damaged it can be replaced without discarding the rest.

The wings, made from our 400mm edge protectors are detachable for storage and can also double up as corner protectors if used on their own.

High visibility yellow colour enables easy identification that the load has been braced correctly.

Extends from 250mm to 370mm
Wing dimensions 400mm x 190mm
Rigid construction providing solid support
Can be placed from the ground using the ProPole system
Easily detachable for storage

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