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ProZorb Container Desiccant Pole

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ProZorb is specifically designed for use in steel shipping containers which can accumulate high levels of condensation during transit. As the desiccant absorbs moisture the powder turns to gel meaning there is no risk of water leakage even if the ProZorb becomes detached from its position in transit.

A safe and technically advanced moisture absorbing desiccant for goods in transit protecting against rust, mould and corrosion. Dry chemical powder absorbs up to 300% of its original weight and is up to 10 times more efficient than Silica Gel.

Used when transporting goods vulnerable to moisture including Electronics, Metal, Musical Instruments, Furniture, Paper, Textiles and Foodstuffs. Dry Weight 1kg.
EN compliant and certified to SGS, REACH and RoHS.

Active content: Calcium Chloride

Performance: Up to 300% absorption

Operates between: -5C and 90C

Product and Packaging: recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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