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What we did for who, where and why.

Timber and builder’s merchant

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Travis Perkins is one of the largest suppliers to the UK’s building and construction industry with a national network of more than 650 branches.

CargoStop started working with Travis Perkins over 5 years ago to ensure that their employees, who were performing various tasks around their vehicle, were working safely. We now supply their full fleet with a cargo control kit so that all their drivers are compliant with health and safety regulations.


In 2005 the government brought out a change in the Work at Height legislation. The aim was to prevent accidents, and to keep ‘Boots on the Ground’ wherever possible. Needless to say the Transport Industry was heavily affected by this as climbing on the back of a truck constituted ‘working at height’.

Ridgeons, with a transport fleet of over 100 vehicles was on the look out for the best solution for enabling safe working for their transport staff, that met legal requirements and also wasn’t cumbersome or very expensive.


Ridgeons saw the benefits that CargoStop’s innovation, the ProPole, could bring. This telescopic pole, with dozens of different heads, has been designed for many different height related tasks around the truck. Operations such as moving straps, and placing edge protectors at a high level can now be done faster than ever, while standing safely on the ground.

Ridgeons worked in collaboration with CargoStop to develop a bundle of cargo control equipment to meet all of their transport staff’s need.

As well as the ProPole and a selection of revolutionary attachments, including ProMulti, ProHook, ProSweep and ProWides, Ridgeons also purchase bespoke length ratchet straps for every new vehicle that Ridgeons adds to its fleet.


We have recently worked with the Ridgeons team to develop the CargoStop e-commerce website for our customers. We have been delighted that Ridgeons has helped us enhance the user experience for our new online offering and enabled us to roll it out to other CargoStop customers with the confidence that it allows them to easily reorder the products they purchase regularly


“When the CargoStop team showed us the ProPole we could see straight away that this was a product that would not only keep our staff safe but also enable them to work more effectively.”

“We are delighted to have been part of the development process of CargoStop’s high quality equipment. We have the confidence that the kit we buy from CargoStop, not only keeps our staff safe, but that is has been developed with our needs in mind.”